Get Involved

Share your gifts & talents
Plateau Outreach Ministries offers many ways for people to use their individual gifts for the benefit of their neighbors and their community: volunteering, donation of goods for our thrift store, donations of food for our Food Bank or contributing cash for our services, operations and building fund. The churches which support us call POM "Christ’s hands" in the community – but we need your hands, too. The good you do through Plateau Outreach Ministries will bless your life and those of others.
There are many ways you can help, depending on your “gifts” and preferences. Here are just a few examples:

Have a sympathetic ear, a calling to social services and want to help people find ways to break the cycle of crisis?
Join our Samaritan Project.

Have strong organizational skills?
Sort donated items in our thrift store or food bank.

Are you extroverted and like a retail environment?
Help us with sales in the More Pennies from Heaven thrift store.

Do you like to talk to others about the work of POM?
Join our Fundraising Committee or work within your club or civic group to spread the word about us.